Babes Supporting Babes

Local Babe is beyond stoked and overjoyed to connect and create new ideas and creations with other boss babes and small businesses! You can now shop Local Babe Inventory with the business listed below. Visit these stores in person or online. 

Karter Designs, 
Seattle, WA

This badass momma-operated business is truly one of a kind! Boy momma of two studs and serving up rustic/farm signs and conversation mugs that are real, raw and unfiltered... you know relatable to everyday living!

Blessed to have crossed paths and create content for new signs and mugs and Local Babe has you covered when it comes to wearing it.....check out our "Karter Design" trucker hats.


Adore Boutique
Carlsbad, CA

ADORE is your new ultimate destination offering an unparalleled retail experience to local residents and tourists. Located in North County, these vibrant must-visit destinations support local small businesses. Our Boutique offers apparel, jewelry, home decor, art, artisan foods and more.


Blessed & Boujee
Oceanside, CA

Girl Boss owned small business with the goal to inspire other women to be strong and independent by providing a one-stop fashion boutique that meets all their needs.
Let me explain the name real quick: Blessed is the feeling about her path in life and the meaning of Boujee is "luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character”. That describes this boss babe perfectly - a blessed and humble woman who loves a little luxury! 
blessed boujee.PNG