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Why Medicine Essay

Admission essay Unlike many people who only discover and decide on their career paths while in high school or college, I knew I wanted to pursue medicine from a very young age of nine years. I recall the how I was fascinated by human anatomy when I received a body atlas as a birthday present.

  • Medicine is an ancient and complex social phenomenon, variously seen as art, science and witchcraft. These visions share the goal of curing disease. But it is too crude to think medicine as only...

  • This is the art of medicine – the ability to build relationships with patients and have an important and influential role in their lives, from birth to adulthood and beyond. In addition, medicine encompasses patient-centered care, such as considering and addressing concerns.

  • Medicine is an ever-changing and improving field of study that consists of a variety of specialized parts and various aspects. There are always diseases, conditions, and health-related problems around the world. Despite the improvements in medicine, treatment, and hygiene, people are still losing their lives to diseases.

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