Want to become a Local Babe  Ambassador?



- Be kind to all your peers on social media platforms and practice this in real life, too! Local Babe wants to spread  kindness,  authenticity, adventure, confidence and pureness to all who come across Local Babe and each Ambassador’s platform. We want everyone to  feel confident in being uniquely who they are; we don’t compete, we empower! 

- Post photos, videos, stories, etc., of your  Local Babe products. Not only are you sharing your  very own discount with your community of peeps, you are earning an income. What you put into it  you will get out of it.  

- Dedicate small amounts of time at least 3 days a week or more to posting and sharing content.


--We understand you also have an image you’re creating for yourself on social media and it should  feel authentic and organic, not forced. We want you to be proud of what you’re sharing and  passionate about  Local Babe Collection and also passionate about our purpose. 

What you can expect from the Local Babe Gang: 

- You will be given an exclusive code for 15% off you can use and share on your platforms and  you will receive 10% in commissions back on your sales. Yes, you can use your code for your  own purchases! 

- You will receive support from the Local Babe Gang to lift you up and encourage you on your own personal journey! 

- Essentially, we want to build a team of Ambassadors with different backgrounds and different  lifestyles who also have so many things in

common. Just imagine the lifetime friendships  ahead! 

Future of Local Babe: 

- One day we would love to create even more incentives for you. When you reach an  accomplishment or goal in your earnings/sales, we would like to reward you! 

- One day we would love to meet YOU! We envision a day when we bring the Honey Girl Gang  together to meet the whole team and celebrate all of our accomplishments, personal and  through Local Babe!